How often should I check my credit score?

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Question: How often should I check my credit score? Answer: You should keep a close eye on your credit score/profile to ensure that you don’t have any issues arise, unexpectedly. Things such as hard inquiries that you did not authorize, or even new accounts that do not belong to you. We highly suggest that you […]

What is a VA Loan and Who is Eligible

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What is a VA Loan and Who Qualifies? The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a Government Agency located in the United States of America, and helps to serve Military Veterans, those on active duty, as well as National Guards and Reserves. As a part of their services, they also offer guaranteed home loans to […]

what is vantage score

What is Vantage Score?

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VantageScore is a scoring system that was created in 2006 by all 3 bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). It’s owned and controlled by VantageScore Solutions, LLC. — allowing the 3 CRA’s to license the model and scoring methods. The reason for creating this new scoring system was to compete with Fair Isaac, the company that […]

how credit scores work

How Credit Scores Work

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How Do Credit Scores Work? Credit Scores are used by most creditors, and we’re being marketed to, almost on a daily basis, to watch our credit scores closely (ie, free credit scores, credit monitoring, alerts, etc.), but why? Why do credit scores matter and how do they work? Why Credit Scores Matter Most financial institutions […]

difference between hard pull and soft pull

What’s The Difference Between a Soft Pull and Hard Pull for Credit Reports?

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Inquiries can appear on your credit report¬†and even bring down your credit score, depending on the type of pull that occurred. So what is the difference between a soft pull and a hard pull? If you decide to apply for a bunch of credit cards, you’ll quickly find out that your score can be affected […]

what is a credit report and why is it important

What is a Credit Report and Why is it Important?

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Your credit report is, as simple as it sounds, a report of your credit history. Your credit history starts from the age of 18 and exists for as long as you do. Everything you do, as far as credit goes, good and bad, will appear on this snapshot of your credit history. What Are Credit […]

method of verification

Method Of Verification

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If you’ve read some of our articles regarding disputing negative items on your credit report, you may have noticed that we have discussed the Method of Verification a few times. Method of Verification is a consumers legal right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act section 611 (a) (7). This section states that: A consumer reporting […]

credit report

How Can I Get My Credit Report for Free?

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How Can I Get My Credit Report for Free? There are many ways to get your credit report, even for free. You can get your credit report by phone, by mail or online. There are 3 different credit bureaus that you should be concerned with: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Getting Your Credit Report for Free […]

How Long Do Negative Items Stay On Your Credit Report?

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There are a lot of different things that can be reported to the credit bureaus and put on your credit report, but how long do the negative items stay? That depends. As stated above, there are many different types of negative information that can show up on your report. For instance: Late Payments can stay […]

what are credit bureaus?

What Are Credit Bureaus?

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There’s a lot of information out there on credit-related subjects, but not so much when it comes to knowing what credit bureaus are. So let’s discuss what they are and what they do, as it’s an important part of nearly every consumers life. A Credit Bureau, also referred to as a credit (or consumer) reporting […]