Method of Verification Letter – 611 Sample Letter

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The method of verification is an important step in trying to fix your credit, so I think you’ll agree that it’s important to get the wording of the letter right. We’ll give you an example of the method of verification letter that you can change to your own purposes. Before that however, we will go […]

What is a Soft Inquiry?

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Question What is a soft inquiry and how does it affect my credit? Answer Inquiries occur anytime a company decides to do a credit check, or “pulls your credit report”.  These credit checks can involve hard pulls or soft pulls, also known as hard inquiries or soft inquiries. Soft inquiries (“soft pulls”) are caused by […]

What is a Hard Inquiry?

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Question What is a hard inquiry? Does it hurt my credit score? Answer There are 2 types of Inquiries that you may see on your Credit Report. One type of inquiry is called a hard inquiry and the other is a soft inquiry. A hard inquiry is a credit check that is made by a […]

Understanding Your Credit Report

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So you’ve pulled your credit report, but you aren’t exactly sure what you’re reading. Don’t worry, that’s pretty common. Most people tend to see the accounts and get a gist of what’s listed, but that’s about it. So what are you reading and how do you clean this mess up? These days it’s hard to […]

How to Repair Your Credit in 3 Easy Steps

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There’s not a lot of secrets when it comes to repairing your credit, although many people would like to have you believe there is. Luckily for you, this article will explain all you need to know, as well as linked pages to really dig in – in case you decide you want to learn even […]

what identity thieves steal from you

What Identity Thieves Want to Steal From You

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No matter what part of the world you may currently be in, Identity Thieves are lurking. They want to cause you harm for their own gain. They’re looking for any way to get your information and use it to open up new accounts under your name or simply get into your current accounts. But how […]

getting approved for a home loan

Can You Buy a Home With Bad Credit?

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Trying to buy a home with bad credit can be a nightmare. Having bad credit can cause a lot of anxiety for anyone, but especially for someone who is thinking about purchasing their own home. The fact is, buying a new home is an exciting, yet stressful experience, and having poor credit only increases that […]

credit repair deletion letter template

Credit Repair Deletion Letter Template

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Credit Repair Deletion Letter Template In this article I will go over a simple template for creating your own deletion letter that you can send in to credit reporting agencies (credit bureaus) to delete erroneous items from your credit report. This credit repair deletion letter template will be broken down into sections to better help […]

Remove items from your credit report

How To Remove All Negative Items on Your Credit Report [2022 Guide]

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Remove Items From your Credit Report for Free Life can be rough, but fixing your bad credit shouldn’t be. This article will explain how to remove negative credit report entries from your credit report that do not belong there, for FREE, which will in return boost your credit score(s). This is not something that happens […]

how to establish new credit

How to Establish New Credit

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How to Establish New Credit Building new credit sounds like a hectic task, but it’s quite easy. In fact, if you have a few hundred dollars lying around, it can be as simple as opening up several new secured credit cards to help build new credit, quickly and easily. With that being said, let’s discuss different ways […]