what identity thieves steal from you

What Identity Thieves Want to Steal From You

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No matter what part of the world you may currently be in, Identity Thieves are lurking. They want to cause you harm for their own gain. They’re looking for any way to get your information and use it to open up new accounts under your name or simply get into your current accounts. But how […]

credit repair deletion letter template

Credit Repair Deletion Letter Template

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Credit Repair Deletion Letter Template In this article I will go over a simple template for creating your own deletion letter that you can send in to credit reporting agencies (credit bureaus) to delete erroneous items from your credit report. This credit repair deletion letter template will be broken down into sections to better help […]

clean up your credit report

How To Remove All Negative Items on Your Credit Report

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Note: If you need help writing your method of verification/611 letter, please follow this link. WARNING: Disputing Legitimate Items (items that do, indeed, belong to you) is Fraud. Please do not attempt to remove items that you are sure belong to you. We are not suggesting that you remove all items from your credit profile, unless […]

how to establish new credit

How to Establish New Credit

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How to Establish New Credit Building new credit sounds like a hectic task, but it’s quite easy. In fact, if you have a few hundred dollars lying around, it can be as simple as opening up several new secured credit cards to help build new credit, quickly and easily. With that being said, let’s discuss different ways […]

How to Recognize Identity Theft

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How to Recognize Identity Theft In 2013 alone, there were 11,571,900 Identity Theft cases reported, costing consumers over $21 billion. That number will continue to climb in 2014. So how does one go about protecting themselves by simply recognizing identity theft? By actively monitoring your credit profile, using services (free or paid) such as CreditKarma, Credit.com or CreditSesame, you […]

How to Increase Your Credit Score

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How to Increase Your Credit Score Regardless of the amount of money you make, your credit score can affect you financially, whether you’re applying for a new credit card or even trying to get approved for a new home loan. It can be the difference of actually getting approved, and even getting lower APR rates. If […]

what is vantage score

What is Vantage Score?

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VantageScore is a scoring system that was created in 2006 by all 3 bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). It’s owned and controlled by VantageScore Solutions, LLC. — allowing the 3 CRA’s to license the model and scoring methods. The reason for creating this new scoring system was to compete with Fair Isaac, the company that […]

What is the Difference Between Good and Bad Credit?

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What is the Difference Between Good and Bad Credit? It would be easy to assume that all credit is bad – I mean in all instances you’re borrowing money you cannot afford right now under the assurance that you will pay more than you borrowed to settle the loan. However, not all reasons for borrowing […]

how credit scores work

How Credit Scores Work

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How Do Credit Scores Work? Credit Scores are used by most creditors, and we’re being marketed to, almost on a daily basis, to watch our credit scores closely (ie, free credit scores, credit monitoring, alerts, etc.), but why? Why do credit scores matter and how do they work? Why Credit Scores Matter Most financial institutions […]

difference between hard pull and soft pull

What’s The Difference Between a Soft Pull and Hard Pull for Credit Reports?

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Inquiries can appear on your credit report and even bring down your credit score, depending on the type of pull that occurred. So what is the difference between a soft pull and a hard pull? If you decide to apply for a bunch of credit cards, you’ll quickly find out that your score can be affected […]