15 Personal Finance Podcasts for Every Stage in Life

personal finance podcasts

Personal finance podcasts for every stage in life

Personal finance podcasts seem to have exploded in recent times (or is it just me?) with more joining the scene all the time.

Podcasts are a great way to soak up information on your commute, when you’re pottering around the house or just unwinding before bed.

Some focus on a broad array of financial topics, some zero in on specific niches, but each of these financial podcasts has its own spin on personal finance.

Wherever you are on your personal money journey right now, you’re bound to find something that resonates with you on this list!

On to the Podcasts!

You Need A Budget

The team behind budgeting app YNAB bring their no-nonsense style to podcasting, and it’s a winner! Episodes are focused on helping listeners destroy debt, save more and break the paycheck to paycheck cycle. Folks struggling with making budgeting work for them are bound to find the values-based approach to spending especially valuable.

destroy debt

A fast-paced podcast with a little something for everyone! Hosts Andrew and Thomas break down concepts like dollar cost averaging and inflation in plain English. Peppered with plenty of personal banter, they tackle subjects include budgeting, earning, credit, debt, investing, money and relationships. They even take on broader subjects such as starting a business, or lessons from self-made millionaires.

Bad With Money

Millennial Gaby Dunn is open about being bad with money and in her lively podcast of the same name. She opens up about her upbringing, lack of financial knowhow, and mistakes she’s made along the way. No question is a stupid question on this show! She also shines the light on issues like economic mobility and the link between money and mental health. If you’re a young creative still building financial smarts, this one’s for you.

So Money

So Money with financial expert and author Farnoosh Torabi is a friendly, chatty podcast full of general financial inspiration and tips. If you’re a female breadwinner, you might particularly relate to her! Farnoosh often answers questions from listeners, tackling everything from negotiating to managing debt, career and family planning to gift giving and even getting your partner more involved in the household finances. She also frequently interviews guests on her show, delving into their financial wins, failures, habits and approaches.


How do other couples actually manage their money? Kelsey and Chris Wharton’s podcast lifts the curtain on their spending, saving and investing. It’s a deep dive into how their young family balances it all on a frugal budget, from home expenses to decisions around big career moves. Tune in to indulge your inner money voyeur.

The Fairer Cents

Hosted by bloggers Tanja Hester and Kara Perez, a pair of friends hailing from different generations, The Fairer Cents is devoted to the money stories of women and other underrepresented groups. They dig into topics including the wage gap, privilege, parenthood, and breaking into the boys’ club. The diversity of financial stories and life experiences showcased here is a breath of fresh air!

Mad Fientist

Dreaming of early retirement? For early retirees, typical financial advice just doesn’t apply. The Mad Fientist podcast is all about pursuing and attaining financial independence. Brandon set out to learn from people who had already reached that point, including Mr Money Mustache, Vicki Robin (author of Your Money Or Your Life) and JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly. Tune in to hear about their successful strategies in the realms of real estate, investing, taxes, entrepreneurship, travel hacking and more.

Beyond The Dollar

Personal finance is more than just dollars and cents – there’s a huge mental component to it! Garret Philbin and Sarah Li Cain focus on the emotional aspects of money and how it affects our lives. Whether it’s navigating family and friends’ expectations, taking leaps of faith, or getting to grips with deep-rooted money beliefs and mindsets, they go well beyond the surface to help listeners thrive with money and build financial confidence.

Afford Anything

As host Paula Pant says, you can afford anything, but not everything. Her podcast centers around optimizing our lives based on the trade-offs we make in how we spend our money – and time. She interviews entrepreneurs, early retirees, millionaires, artists, adventurers, scientists, and others on productivity, finance, careers and more. You’ll come away better equipped to make decisions that’ll help you live your best, authentic life.

For The Love Of Money

Need a shot of uplifting, motivational audio? Host Chris Harder believes that everyone has the right to an abundant life and that when good people make good money, they do great things. On his show, he features wealthy individuals who have risen to their top of their game, digs into the secrets of their success, and uncovers what they’re doing to help make the world a better place with their resources.

Bigger Pockets

If one of your secret dreams is building a real estate empire, then this is the podcast for you. Co-hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, Bigger Pockets features property investors sharing their tales – failures, successes and lessons learned. They dispense real actionable tips to build financial freedom through bricks and mortar, in all kinds of markets.

White Coat Investor

Aimed squarely at physicians, dentists, and other similarly high-income busy professionals, this podcast wants to equip listeners to ultimately become their own financial advisor. Host Dr James Dahle dives into financial planning, saving and investing, student loans, side hustles and much more. Each episode includes a discussion followed by answers to questions submitted by audience members.

Planet Money

Originally launched to cover the GFC back in 2008, NPR’s Planet Money covers economics in a surprisingly accessible fashion for everyday Joe and Jane. With the tagline “making sense of our rapidly changing global economy,” the show brings on experts to keep listeners up to date on the fiscal world, bringing complex subjects like insider trading and government spending to life with simple real world examples and a friendly narrative reporting style.

Death, Sex & Money

Not one, not two, but three subjects that are usually left out of polite conversation! While it’s not always entirely focused on finances, money and it’s influence is a key thread in many of the stories featured on the show. Host Anna Sale converses with listeners (and celebrities) about student debt, divorce, living alone, career shifts, relationships, gender identity and much more.

Queer Money

Queer Money by The Debt Free Guys is the only show tackling the financial nuances of the LTBTQ community. From student loans to taxes and side hustling, there’s content to complement every phase in life. Tune in for inspiration on shaping a rich, debt-free and fulfilling life!


Of course, that’s just a small sample of all the money podcasts available out there! Do you have any personal favorites to add that you just can’t miss?