Can You Get Items Removed From Your Credit Report Immediately?


Is it possible to get negative items removed from your credit report immediately?


Unfortunately, no. Removing negative items will take time to remove as it will require a few days to get your credit repair letters written (by hand, hopefully), mailed by certified mail, and then opened by the credit reporting agencies that have the negative item(s) reported on your credit report.

A good estimate of time for most situations would be approximately 30 days. This is due to the fact that the CRA (credit reporting agency) has to open the letter, verify the items with the creditor (hopefully) and then write back to let you know if those items have been removed or not. And then it takes time for those items to disappear, in some cases.

But if the letters that you send to the credit bureaus do not work, then what? Well, then you will be forced to write a second letter or simply go straight to the Method of Verification approach to request that they prove the method of verification used in order to verify the negative accounts listed on your credit report.

Removing negative items isn’t an overnight thing, unfortunately. They take time to get removed and you have to be patient with the process.